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If the first rule of CrossFit is to tell everyone how much you love CrossFit, then the second is to never admit when the last thing you want to do is CrossFit. CrossFit is great. CrossFit is how we move, it is our Team, it is our (somewhat) secret language, it is our...

Keeping Safety in Mind

Having a safe and family friendly environment is important to us at CrossFit Nefarious. This is not just limited to the safety of our members, but also to any children who may be present at the box during our group classes. Up to this point we haven’t had any official...

Paleo Brownies

These brownies contain no nuts, except for coconut flour which is not really a nut. I use Red Kumara in my brownies but you can use white kumara which are slightly sweeter than the orange ones. Just go with your preferred taste and adjust the amount of honey you add...

Back to Basics

CrossFit founder, Coach Greg Glassman, said it best: “Learn the mechanics of fundamental movements; establish a consistent pattern of practicing these same movements, and, only then, turn up the intensity of workouts incorporating these movements. ‘Mechanics,’ then...

CrossFit Nefarious is a community of like minded people

We all have the same goal, to become better versions of ourselves. We all want to improve. What this means varies from person to person, but no member is alone in their journey. Every member shares in the same pain and gain, and every member deserves the love and...

What is this CrossFit Opens???

In one month from now, men and women all over the world, of all different ages, sizes, ability levels and backgrounds, will put their best efforts forward as they compete in the world wide CrossFit Open. You’ve probably heard it mentioned around the box here and...


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